Personally sick of windows in it's many forms I now have Linux and BeOS running.

Does anyone else use either of these (far superior) operating systems and have any experience with trading software ?
Sorry, no, but I hear what you say about Linux- 110% bomb proof!. I do run W2K on an Athlon 800 with 3 monitors and it's 100% reliable since switching from an unreliable W98 system. The unreliability came from having CMC/AIQ/Chat/numerous other windows open.
Have you tried W2K? I know several other people use this and have no complaints........
Never used 2k on my machine but have had differing reports from people I know some of who like it and others who think it's far too resource hungry.

At the end of the day it's still Microsoft (and it's possible to run windows legacy apps through an emulator on linux).
Know the feeling. Although I repair PCs professionally my main machine (and the one I occassionally trade on) is a Mac. Blows Windows into the weeds on performance and usability; every time I fire up XP or Vista I can't help but think how clunky it is.