Options question - answer needed

ok..im gonna end up with posts all over the place at this rate....anybody prepared to answer a simple question on option trading? please!
I've moved your post into the Options forum, so just ask your question on this thread, and I'm sure someone will provide you with an answer.
Thank you!

Could somebody please tell me if you are an ex-liffe corporate local trading in bund options with 14 years experience - what could you now expect to earn in basic salary and bonus as an employee??? Also!....would it not be more fruitful for such a person to trade either from home or an arcade?


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Depends on you. If you're any good, why trade for someone else? You'd only have to give your profits to them for all your work.

Arcade or home? Depends on your style IMO. If high speed access and high volume trading go for the arcade. If position trading then home.

BTW, how can you be an 'ex corporate local?' Thats a contradiction.
The question isn't about me...sorry!..What I meant was the person used to trade open outcry on LIFFE until it closed down. This person used to earn between £350 - £750k per annum.. is that a 'good' trader?


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It's good that he lasted for 14 years, as most never made it past 5 years - they went bust or retiered to trade upstairs/longer term.

For someone sticking at it for 14 years though it's about average, maybe below par for the bund which was the cash cow at LIFFE.
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Corporate Local was a well used term on the LIFFE floor.

It referred to someone who was employed by a bank or broker but was also allowed to job their own account.

Caused a lot of problems at Refco in the mid-nineties as I am sure you can imagine.


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ok..im gonna end up with posts all over the place at this rate....anybody prepared to answer a simple question on option trading? please!

We discuss a lot on option trading and there are lots of sites giving service on option trading like Binary Options Trading | Forex Options - anyoption but most of us don't know the definition of option trading. It's just another form of trading securities in the stock market. Normal securities are called stocks and are sold by the share. Options are a contract with a time limit betting, in their simplest forms, that the stock's price will go one way or another. If you're betting a stock will go up, you buy a call option. The option has an expiration date, a price that indicates whether it will execute or not at the expiration date, and a separate value decided by trading. Options are traded on the open market just like stocks. Option contracts are a block of stock. If you're betting a stock will go down, it's a put option.
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