Which option for regular investments to choose?


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I want to start investing regulary on a monthly basis. At the moment I have a full time job and thinking about investing roughly £1000 a month. Just cant decide which way to go.
I am thinking about opening a Barclays Stockbrokers account and buy funds every month topping up my amount or choose shares which are paying good dividends and start on them because I have a plan to save money for my mortgage deposit in 3 years.
Just wanted to ask opinions about Barclays as a broker or any suggestions which I should choose for my trading to be best value because I would like to make no more than 2 or 3 deals a month just to top up my investment.
At the moment there is no time for me to trade more often because I dont have time in daytime when the market is accessible or do research in the evenings but I can give time for that on weekends to scan everything and make my moves thats why I think I should start investing regularly and making profits in longer time.
Thank you for your advices

Rhody Trader

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If you've only got a 3 year time horizon until you're going to need the money then you probably want to play it very safe with your principal. High quality short-term fixed income securities are likely your best choice.
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