Operational Identification "BR"


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Hello my friends. I would like to apologize for my English. I am Brazilian.
Please, I'm sorry for the mistakes. I will try to strive to make the least mistake possible.
Thank you for understand.

Before presenting this operational model to really know the origin, I would like to inform you that since 2017 I have been trying to have some consistency in daytrading, I went through several courses in this period and simply just lost money on courses. In fact, I lost more money taking a lot of stupid courses than I necessarily lost to the market.

In this year of 2020 I chose to study context and market reading. Then I found an operational model that is a simple chart (Timeframe 1 minute), using the price action and no indicator, no candle pattern, just an absolutely clean chart. At first, I found it very difficult to read, but in those 4 months I have been studying every day for several hours and I realized that it was and is the best operational for my profile. I feel that with this (operational) reading I can achieve the desired consistency.

Currently I have been doing operations on the simulator for 4 months using the basics I learned from this operational reading on the graph of the Mini-Index of Brazil using the 1-minute timeframe.

Here is an image and an example of how I basically learned a little about how this operational model works.

Reading Macro
Market Macro Reading Using 1 Minute.png

Example: Operations Intraday 1 Minute

Operations 1 Minute.png

From the research I did, they said that this operational model is based on William Dunnigan. Which is a very simple Simple Price Action system, but I'm not sure.

I would like help from friends to identify this operational style correctly and receive information on where to study more about this operational model. Who could be a reference so that I could advance in my studies. Here in Brazil unfortunately there is very little content regarding this operational model.
I appreciate any information that leads me to learn more about it. (Videos, Readings or courses from people who are truly truthful and who use this operational model.)

Thank you very much my friends.
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