Fixed Ratio Money Management


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Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel and I have a question about this model of money management.

I've been studying trading for almost a year now and I feel like I'm prepared to go on demo account and see how I'll be doing.

I'll be operating with 5 strategies ( obviously backtested) on 7 forex crosses (which are the main ones i'll be focusing on as my Trading Plan states), operating on a Daily and 4H TimeFrame, risking maximum 1% on my capital (£50,000 Demo Capital) on each trade and using a Fixed Ratio Model.

My question might sound silly but I'm looking for every sort of advice you guys, who are way more expert than me, could give me : How do I calculate my stop losses considering that my position size is fixed (0.02 microlots to start off with a Delta of £3'000, afterwards Level 2 is 0.04 microlots) therefore I don' think I can use the Fixed Fractional Formula to calculate my position size can't I ?

Thank you very much guys for your answers