Open offer to anyone who's serious about trading / feeling the need to do something different.


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Just to be clear only interested in people who are seriously interested in trading(stocks or futures). Would prefer someone who trades everyday and/or is looking to make trading a major part of their life. I don't have time nor am interested in deep academic talks, theories or anything of that nature that leads no where(unless it's something you know 100% to be a fact or you know its useful). I've done those enough and ascertained the relevant information from them. Also a requirement would be we mainly communicate via voice communication and also may be a requirement to meet in person as well depending on how things go.

Can discuss more the micro side of things and get more in depth, but as far as macro I have some fairly decent and expansive information on trading, tools and other things that would likely be very helpful. I am willing to give the information out, as well as potentially turn over everything I have as far as tools and etc.

Ultimately I would be looking for some type of value in return, whatever that may be. However, that would be ultimately be up to you and I am willing to take the risk that you'd live up to your end.

Basically if someone wants to try a different route than normal or what you're currently doing isn't working, thought maybe could form a mutually beneficial relationship. What you're risking is your time up front, like me. Only additional risk I have is that you may learn some things or get some things and than take off. These are currently both risk I am willing to take and accept.

Hopefully this is clear can send me a PM or respond here if there's any interest.



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Hi There,

I have been involved in and around trading for over 10 years and am currently in the unenviable situation of being broke due to health issues and life and looking to go for a funded account soon.

I would happily share some profits and/or anything learned from using tools made available to me in the future.

I have some programming experience both C# and MQL so able to work with issues in some cases if that is needed... Also means I am not going to have issues with IT stuff and installing/using softwares..

Would love to hear more and have a chat - perhaps meet in the future although I am in the UK and currently finance and pandemic are likely gonna postpone that for a long time but would defo like to in the future - in the meantime, Skype is fine and or voice comms.

I really hope you reach out - I love trading and want it to be a massive part of my future.

Kind Regards,

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