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Many new or established traders for many reasons can get confused about this or that and would therefore just like to be able to sit down and talk to someone face to face, build some kind rapport for any further e mail questions they might have in the future and probably have a few things demonstrated to them.

That is why i've decide to have short open house visits during any quiet times outside US market hours,that i've got through August.

I'll tell you honest answers that some might not say in Public.I will also run a quick traders profile for you and show you just exactly what your personality reveals about how your trading results will probably be.

E mail me at [email protected] if you think you might like an appointment even if its for nothing more than to tell me your style of trading and what you do.I live at Heathrow near London and its free.
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I certainly will save EVERYTHING for the paying customers.

I would like to thank every one for the response and look forward to seeing you.This is just an informal time just for people to breeze in and out,with an appointment, during quiet periods of August to talk about whatever they want.From beginners who have never traded before and want some questions answered through to others who might think about changing to trading to the US markets, to Nasdaq traders who want to chat about the markets in general.
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In my view, it is certainly worth visiting Alan.

Simply, It is worth visiting Alan to acquire the skills you don’t have or which needs improving.
Took a slight detour en-route to work & popped in to visit Naz.

Highly recommended if anyone can make the time to see him & there are any 'slots' left.
Can I request all those that have seen my previous post to ignore it on this occasion. I hope I haven't misled people with it... :confused:
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For the record, I spent approx. 1.5hrs w/Naz on Wednesday morning, yet I believe the typical duration for a one day course is 6.5hrs.

Hope this helps to clear up any confusion.
Openhouse is just a chat nothing else.No teaching what so ever.

Its had a great response.However after i've seen everybody thats booked an appointment next week thats the end of it.Its going to be courses only.However anyone is welcome to e mail me at [email protected] and i'll answer any questions.

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