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I'm not sure if I should post here or in "trading systems and software". Anyway, my question is about finding a web site that provides online stop signals.

I'm using (Excel template and online buy/sell signals) which is working very well so far on the stock I am testing. However they suggest to use additional stop signals to further improve the strategies. They recommend, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with them, or if you can suggest a system that you know to be very good in providing (online, preferably) stop signals.

Thank you for your help.
Hi SeanB and welcome to Trade2Win,

I assume by your post you mean, having a portfolio of your stocks online, and for the website to email you when your stocks fall below a specified stop loss, whether that's fixed at a price or a trailing stop loss.

Well I'm not too sure myself, it's possible that may provide such a facility, but I can't be absolutely sure.

I'll see if I can find out for you.

These systems seem to be about high end high cost realtime buy sell signal generators. I don't have any experience of these at all.Do you use them? Are they useful?

These systems are quite new and I need more testing before I can tell it really works. It may be that it works just by chance, as I have only traded (in/out) 30 times. Plus I'm just playing with one stock, and have on one day lost 15% which could have been avoided with stop orders. I've also made ony 4% return on a day when it technically possible to get 15%, but overall, I'm really happy.

Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll check the website.
Hi Sean

TD Waterhouse & alert you to prices that reach your specified criteria.

If you are only trading 1 stock which is a 350 stock and you dont mind slightly bigger spreads, then try the spreadbetters.
You can leave a stop order which you can change at any time you wish.

I use all the time. It is a free service available to members (also) freem membership. They also offer a trailing stop loss strategy and I really like and use their portfolio system.

Also used to use although at the time they did not offer a trailing stop loss and therefore I switched to sharepages. Don't know whether they now offer trailing stop loss.

Also, I signed up for a Vodafone email account through If you have a Vodafone mobile phone then you can have it send you an SMS message as soon as a email is received. This is handy as I set sharepages to email my vodafone account and hence send me an SMS message as soon as a share breaks the stoploss.

It allows you to go out during the day and not worry about the movement of your shareprices. (At least until you get your beep)

Unfortunately was recently replaced with and it seems vizzavi have managed to mess up this handy SMS feature. I have already compalined to them about this but it seems to be in vain. If anybody else knows of an email system that can send an SMS message (in UK) every time an email arrives, then please let me know. I am currently trying to get Lycos to do the same as they offer a very handy free SMS site

Thats all for now.