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I have recently bought Omnitrader 2004 and would like some advice on setting it up so that my charts display current buy/sell signals. At the moment Omnitrader is only displaying signals which are days/weeks/months old.

For example, on clicking on the most recent triangle on the vote line (which might be a few days old) Omnitrader says it entered that trade on such and such a date.

Any advice is appreciated.


i can tell you how to generate signals in omnitrader2003 is this any good? would this help?
who did you buy from? is there no support?
Omnitrader settings

it depends on what the market is doing, but sometimes you might not get a new signal, for example a trending stock might have been rising for a number of weeks and so Omnitrader will indicate when the systems would first get you into the trade. Check what time period you are testing over daily/weekly/monthly and check which strategies you have included, a long term setting with only one strategy will generate very few signals. It is not always important to leap in on a new signal, most traders will wait for two or three periods for the price to confirm the signal anyway.