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Yes, I have had Omnitrader for over a year and am still looking for ways to use it profitably. It is actually a good program, I just dont have the confidence in it yet. You dont say if you own it or are thinking about owning it. You need to make your own judgement about what the program is telling you, its not a black box but it seems some people try and use it that way.


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Bought Omnitrader a couple of months ago and went through the painful process of installing it, configuring it and getting data into it - and haven't used it since! Looks as though it has some useful features, but I just can't put myself through the process of learning it yet!

Unless someone can show me how to use it profitably.....!


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I can't even get Omnitrader to use symbols that I want it to, or take non us symbols from eSignal. Useless software as far as I'm concerned, no commercial product should be this painful to setup.


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I ve got it, paid for many upgrades.

But just a waste of time!



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Rainmaker any chance of some tips on setting this up? even trying to just use the FTSE 100 ($UKX-FTSE) with eSignal feed is incredibly frustrating. I don't like having this expensive program sitting around doing nothing.
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