Old Friends

In all seriousness, it would be good to know if they are fully recovered.

Anyone kept in touch?
I forget the details - a bit of an ordeal as I recall, but yes - he survived to live another day. Just as well, as there'd be no liquidity on the DAX without him! Richard will fill you in on the details if you want them.

Yes, they are both ok. I don't think soc is trading anymore - just enjoying the fruits of his labours.

Blimey, i was not aware of this!

Can anyone PM me with details of how i can contact him?

He severed all communication links some time ago, but I don't know if that's still the case. He sometimes contacts Richard (Mr Charts) so he may be able to get a message to him.

You'll note that the article is over a year old so things have moved on a bit since then!!

Yeah the story did the rounds on T2W at the time. When I first saw this thread I thought for a minute it was a whole new accident, and was just about to remark on how he's maybe not the careful, experienced mariner we're led to believe.

Truth always was stranger than fiction with that guy....
Mr Socco I am told is still trading with success, as well as being a brilliant trader he is also a brilliant mariner. No folks I doubt that he will revisit this forum after the stick he received.
Socrates got caught in the sort of Force 10 storm that occasionally blows up with very little warning in Chesapeake Bay. He and his wife were injured and if it wasn't for his presence of mind and calmness whilst both he and his wife were in a great deal of pain and drifting helplessly the accident could have proved a great deal worse.