Oddball Systems


For those who don't know already, this is a system that claims to be the world's most profitable FREE mechanical trading system. (But of course we all know, there's no holy grail.. don't we!)

The system was developed by Mark Brown, and featured in the December 2000 issue of Active Trader magazine. You can read an excerpt of the article here.

It uses the NYSE advancing issues statistics in an attempt to monitor the momentum of market breadth, and in order to time short term-trades (the average is 1 every 1.3 days).

If you'd like to know more, then take a look at www.oddballsystems.com . You'll notice the front page of the site requires you to read and accept the risk disclosure statement. Tnere's no shortcuts to being a successful trader. Any sort of mechanical system that generates buy/sell signals should be .

Additionaly, I've set up a page on T2W that will keep a record of trades - updated as the system recalculates every hour, on the hour. So this means the first calculation occurs at 3:00pm our time. I think it will be interesting to follow a system over a few months in attempt to get a feel for how a mechanical system works, and whether it can be of any value to a serious trader.


As always please be aware of the Investment Warning, as provided at the footer of this page. Also please read the disclaimer at Mark Brown's Oddball Systems website. You should by no means base any actual trades on the signals this system generates. It's purely for educational purposes ONLY. This information must NOT be used as a basis for making any investment descision.

If you agree with the above then please click on the link below to access the page:

T2W Oddball System Analysis


ps. The first trade we've tracked was on the 8th August, and so far there's been 12 trades and a loss of 0.5 points.

Comments about this system, the way it's analyised on T2W or how we could extend the trading system sections to allow members to submit their own systems, are always welcome.
Anyone following the system today would have noticed the trades weren't being updated on the hour as intended. I've taken a look, and fixed the problem, so from tomorrow it should be updating automatically. Anyway today's results are now online, and after the last trade the system shows a profit of 9.5 points after 16 trades - currently short. Nothing to write home about...

OddBall System


Just wondering what you think of OddBall Now that you have been tracking it. It is no Holy Grail but the price is right "FREE" and it is fully disclosed for anyone to use.

I hope everyone can use it to some degree, maybe as a foundation to build upon.