OCH - Orchestream

After avoiding these volatile tech stocks for the last year I'm going to stick my neck out...

OCH has been turning over large volumes recently and moved up yesterday almost forming a morning star candlestick pattern.

This chart has almost slavishly followed the SMX (small cap) and UB97 (Software) indices this year so maybe, just maybe we're in for a rally?
Well the rise was on big volumes with RSI sharply ticking up after forming a cup & handle, and both stochastics also sharply up...looks worth to watch

Phew what a scorcher!

I'm glad to say that I put my money where my mouth was and have notched up lots of points. Bollinger bands are still looking tight and we may bounce of the top and retrace a little. All the same the market is very strong and I think there's may still be some upside here.