OANDA - and why I'll probably switch

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1. Java platform down. No warning.

2. No live help.

3. Web support - down.

4. No live twitter presence.

5. Just acquired Currensee.

6. Just hired as Chief Technology Officer - Graeme Whittington - from Blackberry. [see 1-4 above] - An accident waiting to happen.

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To be fair this doesn’t happen often – i.e. ever before really.

Around 17:30 BST I was setting up to take a short on the nzd/jpy. I appreciate both kiwis and nippons were safely tucked up in bed at this time, but I had a good looking short opportunity and I intended to take it if someone wanted to trade it.

OANDA java platform froze. I hit the sell – nothing. I hit it again – nothing. Re-boot the machine. OANDA dead. Complain about OANDA on trade2win etc.

I started everything up about 10 minutes ago and there is still definitely a connectivity problem with OANDA, but – I had two live short nzd/jpy shorts running…I took the profit before the platform hung again. I’m up on the day.

While I was paid for my efforts this time – what if those two trades - double my standard position size – had gone against me? Unlikely OANDA would have stumped up for the error.

Even more irritating was the Filipino voice on the end oif the helpline telling me there was no problem and I needed to clear my java cache and re-boot my machine. Do OANDA get all their technical people from Microsoft?

Seriously, was I the only person to get this glitch? I can't be the only person on this site using OANDA.


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Seriously, was I the only person to get this glitch? I can't be the only person on this site using OANDA.

Are you still using TOR and if so do you use it for Oanda ?

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Live Help Transcript of Conversation with OANDA

You are now chatting with 'YiTyan'

YiTyan: Hello. How may I assist you?

Patrick: Hello YiTyan, Is there any explanation for why OANDA wasn’t available between 17:45 and 22:00 BST yesterday?

YiTyan: Do you mean the platform was down from 17:45 to 22:00?

Patrick: Yes

YiTyan: There was an Internet Connectivity issue due to extended maintenance by an Internet backbone provider.

YiTyan: https://fxtrade.oanda.com/community/forex-forum/topic/54006265/

YiTyan: all the European clients may get affected by this connectivity issues or delays.

Patrick: Why didn't OANDA give its European customers advance warning of this issue?

YiTyan: Yes, there was a notice on OANDA sign in page.

YiTyan: https://www.oanda.sg/account/login?intcmp=fxTradeAll_Site_TopNav_TradeSignInButton

Patrick: I've never seen this login page. Is it for the web-based platform? I use the Java platform.

YiTyan: I understand. Due to this an unforeseen issue, we are only able to report the problem when we received feedback from our clients. This was not a scheduled maintenance which we are able to give advance notice.

Patrick: Should I not use OANDA until after October 2nd?

YiTyan: Internet traffic is being rerouted through alternative paths as an immediate

YiTyan: remedial measure. Maintenance is estimated to last until October 2, 2013.

YiTyan: During this time our European customers may experience connectivity issues or delays when trying to log into their fxTrade account.

Patrick: Yes, I got all that from the forum webpage link you sent me.

YiTyan: You may still be able to login, however there might be a delay in internet connectivity

Patrick: This is far from perfect. Are there any alternatives to simply taking a chance on getting trades on, and more importantly, off?

YiTyan: Unfortunately, the Internet connectivity is unstable at the moment. However, you may still be able to login to your platform as the Internet traffic is routed through alternative paths.

YiTyan: If you still experiencing delays, you may contact us and we will get our Technical Team to investigate further.

Patrick: Is OANDA going to compensate its customers who have their positions adversely impacted when they lose connectivity while running open positions?

{a few minutes pass}

Patrick: Hello TiTYan, are you still there?

YiTyan: Yes, i am here.

YiTyan: We do not have clients reporting to us on platform issue at this moment.If you are facing a connnectivity issue during this period of time and unable to close your positions, please contact us immediately so that we can resolve the issue.

Patrick: Given the potentially serious consequences to your customers' accounts because of this, wouldn’t it be sensible to put a status warning up for those of us who use the Java platform and not just for the web-based users?

YiTyan: Yes, agreed. We will feedback this and take necessary actions on this.


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agree, dump Oanda as soon as you can, hugely unprofessional

Dump Oanda ASAP. Amateuristic behaviors. Poor customer service. Poor infrastructure. Overall degrading service
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