NQU20 sept2020 nasdaq100 [futures][dunno or need the other code[for the moment


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ben mostly [ distracted, non-topical, beyond the scope, simulations, side bettors ] BUT i've journaled a base [ script, template ] for a lengthy series of [ new studies ] [ very similar ] to what i've done in the past, but i've changed out the components [ preference'ing bttr ] [ definitely more reliable data ], within the same old data architecture [ i've used many times ]; The current recreation [ began from scratch ] expanded to ten hand written pages [ of both code n explanations of many derivative alternative variations which all are must do projects, none are discretionary ]

but only recently, have i had the time to formalize a serious attempt at code'ing what i've determined *must* b the starting point; After procrastinating, thinking i was make'ing progress [ reducing the repetitive typing to a single letter, in place of the for instance 4 or 7 letter's [ which clearly ] describe the array contents [ i finally chose ] for the initial version to write out the array names [ using the more descriptive, longer, wordy 'ier names ] n even tho i wrote it on paper, it still only took 2 pages, (including) all the notes, clarifications, tho that doesn't include some of the stoopidly simple declariation's, i did hit all the important points, a few days ago;

but since then, i still haven't opened my editor, [ i've come close ] 'tis only ten minutes work [ getting started ] then another hour n done [ but a fortunate benefit of working thru the data architecture, abstractly ] when i get round to code'ing it, i know [ at least at this moment ] exactly what [ i think i need ] cause i've worked everything multiple times [ abstractly ]; I [ to my dismay ] discovered a dimensional error [ fortunately ] ? dunno, cause the results [ if i had ben coding it ] instead of thinking bout coding it, i would have already fixed that bug [ prolly ] but i'm certain i like the [ abstract fix ] n the work arounds [ necessary to cheat every minor help i can invent [ to keep the ram, random access memory ] overhead to a minimum; [ yeah ] eventually it will b able to reduce the cpu clock cycles n mem footprints to near zero ( which will b necessary ) cause i wrote an entire library of studies [ in my hand written notes ] [ but i need everything to work first ] in crude form, before i can zero in on the specific components [ essential ] to automating, the sum of all these inter-related components [ without keeping ] the artifacts of so much [ both philosophical ] [ real world intrinsic val's ] n the mental mental nonsense [ an item not included in [ both ] n the 2nd item[ in the both ] the necessity to have a huge database of statistical picturesque [ beauty ] so i can understand what i'm looking at [ but won't need to reference ] other than if i want to revisit it [ prolly in different form, same analysis, different component topography ] [ which always seems to distract more than it helps ] complete any defined scope [ but 'tis a wonderous joy to wake up to ] knowing 'tis a pile of money, sitting in the corner, waiting for me, to motivate myself, to refocus from lesser goals, to or toward the goals that can greatly simplify [ all the ongoing, life sustaining, maintenance duty's ] [ my daily distractions ] keeping me from [ even getting a foot hold start ] on this massive project, [ ? ] no for me 'tis something very simple, i've specialized in [ seemingly forever ] n won't take long [ soon as i'm ready ] to succeed;

meanwhile, i've ben ensuring i'm [ mostly ] enjoying myself, so 'tis nvr time wasted, but [ relatively ] omg, smh [ my life is going to chg so rapidly, still smh, the foolish'ness, [ the number of times, i've ben here before ] on the threshold of success [ the successes i've attained in the past ] [ i have more than sufficient ] nlp [ neuro linguistic programming ] [ knowledge ] in addition to self-analysis of my past success'es , all of it? 'cept taking time to enjoy other aspects of life [ as a member of our human species ] ? everything still [ logically ] points to the immediate imperative, the muster; Limiting the scope of every [ auxiliary need want or desire ] 'til after [ done ] smh;
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