Noxa indicators for Neuroshell


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Hi, how do you guys setup the noxa coupling index and change point score? thanks in advance and happy new year!


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I'm trying to BUY the CSSA plugin for NS but when I click on BUY in the Noxa page there is a 404 page ;(

I contacted their support with no answer

anyone knows if they are redesigning the site or what?


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can someone prove to me that the program of neural networks makes money?
in vain
I will spend time and money
there is no analysis of SSA,
there is no Fourier analysis,
there is no cause-effect relationship,
no Bayesian methods
I am angry :):)


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SSA and Fourier Filters can not be used naked ... should be combined with NST-MTI Time series demonstration ..
Or it should be shifted by the lag indicator at the same N ratio
Apart from it, using naked causes big damages.
is there anyone who thinks it is possible


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Hi Chris,

I am a newbie to this forum but I happen to use the Noxa CSSA addon.

I found the indicators quite easy to understand and to handle (as in control). They are zero-lag indicators and do provide very accurate change points at any timescale!!! This is real as you can see in the chart example attached. But more surprising, I was able to identify cycles that persist and generalize very well out of sample!!! By the way the results attached are out of sample...

Truly impressive!!!

The best indicators for me so far.

Hi can you please share with me this indicator