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Welcome - what instruments do you trade?
Plenty of good info here!

What does your strategy comprise of?


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Share knowledge is a good idea only for beginners, but even after 3-4 months of active trading, person doesn't need any additional knowledge from other traders. When you communicate with others about your strategy, you lost uniqueness and begin to think by templates, not on your own. That's why coaching and a lot of training harm traders, as that are barriers, that don't let traders to develop their own strategies. We can tell you what we trade and how exactly, but then you should get rid of our thoughts and start your own trading journey or you will never become top-trader. I hope my speach sounds not too rude, but that's true.


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I think it's better to start with reading blogs and trading books. not with sharing experience. Reading books is good for getting basic knowledges, but when you learn trading in connection with other trader (except if you're rebel inside), as you will try to copy your mentor, not to learn how to trade on your own. And that's so bad. It's better to avoid this, you can use that forum to share your experience or ask questions. But I think it's better not to try to collaborate with other traders in order to learn how to trade. Trading, frankly speaking, is art and only those who are building their own way will achieve ultimate success.
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