Not able to calculate Stoch RSI and MACD

Jul 26, 2017
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but I follow it since a while.
I am working on an excel spreadsheet which updates automatically with the stock data of several companies.
Apart from that I am calculating some indicators such as RSI, SMAs, Stoch RSI and MACD.
I am having some issues when calculating Stoch RSI and MACD. I think I am using the right formulas, and I have compared the close and RSI values and they are right.

The formulas I am using are the following:

- Stoch RSI (14 days): (current RSI - Lowest RSI in 14 days) / (Highest RSI in 14 days - Lowest RSI in 14 days) * 100
- MACD: EMA 12 - EMA 26

To calculate the EMAs I use this formula:
- EMA x = (Current close - Previous EMA x)*(2/(x + 1)) + Previous EMA x

Here you are the link to the spreadsheet I am using to calculate this indicators for the stock BCBA:AGRO.

The Stoch RSI and MACD do not match to the values I see in other platforms such as Trading View.

Could you please help me to solve this issues?

Thanks in advance!