Nice move Hoodless Brennan


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Hoodless Brennan have sent an email out today to all their customers, not a problem with that. But they have kindly included all the email addresses of their customers with it.

I have already received emails from people trying to sell me their systems.

Im waiting a response from them about this, but seeing as they have never responded to an email before, I very much doubt they will this time.


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Hello Mr Allen

Are you a customer of Hoodless Brennan?

If you are are they a cold calling broker? What do you think of there service? I only ask these questions because I have an Interview with them.

I promise if I am employed I will get to the root of the problem just for you.



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I will quite happily chat to you via personal email, my opinion regarding them is probably better there than on the forum.


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Hoodless Brennan ! If you can cope with the slow site and lengthy log in, you will then find there is nothing available under several options. Actually getting funds to them can also be a complete headache as they seem to be very understaffed, a recent Switch payment took 4 days to be available and bank transfers require the manual reading of their bank account !; maybe that is why they looking to interview Rookie ! Their actual deal execution and price is fine, just think they are not fully up to speed with on-line, low cost trading. Closing my account and moving to IMIWeb..............


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When I asked Hoodless Brennan to confirm receipt of my £10,000, they said "As stated before we do not confirm payments sent or received." So, if you want to know where your money ........ DON'T give to HB !!


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hoodlees brennan

Used them for a while and have had no problems(yet)
Recredited my account using their on line system and the money was available to trade almost instantly.None of this waiting until the next day for funds to clear.Sorry to hear that others experiences have not been so good.

Monty Burns

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They were OKish while I used them though most times their prices were awful! You are limited when dealing in stocks they marketmake and too often have to trade by phone by which time prices have moved.
Closing my account was sheer pain! It took 7 weeks to get my certificates, (getting certs out of crest should take 3 weeks), and a further 4 weeks to get my cash holding returned!!! All after countless phone calls and emails. In all, cheap but highly amateurish.
TDWaterhouse offered me 4 months commission free trading, excellent online research tools (Hemscott Premium), excellent banking faclilities (cheque book and VISA debit card) and reasonable service. No regrets.


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I joined HB some months ago partly due top an offer of months free trading, sent a cheque but before I could trade I was called early for an Eye operation which was less than satisfactory and had complications. No sooner has I returned home I was recalled for the other eye to be seen to.

By this time the free trading period had elapsed and I wrote to HB and asked if they could let me start the period from that date, you woulf not believe the reply I got so I will try to copy it here,

Dear Mr Snape,

Whilst I note the comments of your email we are the cheapest broker on the market, we operate therefore on standard policies that apply to everyone. The fact that you object to this being applied to you I do not think is a cause for complaint as you have.

You can of course take your business to a broker that charges more should you wish, however if you trade frequently or infrequently you will end up paying more fees overtime. Furthermore we could not accept your ISA transfer as we do not currently offer an ISA product.


Mark Rayden
-----Original Message-----
From: nairb [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 16 April 2004 18:48
To: Mark Rayden
Subject: Re: Reply to letter please

Thank you for your reply, cannot, I think what you are saying is will not,
if you persist in this totally rigid manner I fear we will not do very much business.

The reason for the delay is because I had two eye operations in hospital, neither of which
were completely trouble free and precluded my attending to normal business for several weeks
and interupted a holiday.

As there appears to be no urgency, due to your unhelpfull attitude, I will delay any further
purchases for the moment and will also cancel the transfer of my two ISA's from both my
current brokers.

A most unhelpful attitude on your part, definitely not customer friendly and a very poor
advertisement, perhaps you would forward this letter to your board of directors, better still
let me have their address and I will tell them.

Yours sincerely,

B. Snape.

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2004 11:25 AM
Subject: RE: Reply to letter please

Dear Mr Snape,

Thank you for your email. I replied at the time of your original query that we are unable to alter the date the free period starts as it begins from the date of the account being confirmed open to you and cannot be varied.


Mark Rayden
Online Broking Manager

-----Original Message-----
From: nairb [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 16 April 2004 09:42
To: Online Support
Subject: Reply to letter please

A reply to my last letter POSTED 7th April would be appreciated,
copy attached below.. B. Snape.


Mr B. Snape.
57 Darbishire Road.
FY7 6QA.
7th April 2004.

Hoodless Brennan & Partners PLC.
40 Marsh Wall.
E14 9TP.
Dear sirs,

With reference to my recent account no. 65321 I enclose a cheque for
£5000-00 in order to commence trading, unfortunately I have been away since
I first applied for the account and I wonder if you would be kind enough to
postpone the start of the one month free trading.

I have a portfolio of about £40-000 stocks and will be able to transfer
these at a very early date after arranging this with my present brokers.

I hope that you will be able to oblige me with this request for the delay
in the start of the free trading period .

Yours sincerely,

B. Snape.

So that was the end of my HB association.

Best Regards,


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Sounds like D4F have competition in being the worst to deal with regarding their appalling customer service.

How come these people just don't care about customers.. don't they think that a good reputation is worth something or are they just after an ever increasing turnover of dissatisfied customers?


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Broker Customer Service

Racer said:
Sounds like D4F have competition in being the worst to deal with regarding their appalling customer service.

How come these people just don't care about customers.. don't they think that a good reputation is worth something or are they just after an ever increasing turnover of dissatisfied customers?

Ive been reading everyones comments about customer service. I generally believe that when a company gets to a certain size, the focus is then on the customers who are worth the most value. I certainly dont think this should be the case, nor is it good business practice.

The trick is to find a company that treasures all their customers whether they are worth £10 or £10,000,000.

There are Brokers out there who cherish all their Clients, it is just a matter of finding them.


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I have to stick up for Hoodless Brennan, & their customer service. Like all their customers, I was annoyed (to say the least) to find my address CC'd to every other recipient of a blanket email a few months back. However, mistakes do happen.

As for their customer service being poor, I's my experience. Last week I purchased 2 lots of BPRG & promptly sold them the next morning for a small profit. I checked my portfolio balance and it was looking good. 2 Hours later, I checked again....It turned out that some BPRG stock had "re-appeared" in my portfolio, & my cash balance had reduced correspondingly. Not only that, but BPRG had lost approx 7% in the mean time !

Seeing that all was not well, I fired off a couple of emails (the reply is below) & all was quickly resolved.

As for the site itself, I've found it quick to load & very easy to use. I find the spreads acceptable and transaction costs excellent. Getting funds to them takes less than an hour. As an execution-only service, its the best around.

Kind regards,


We have checked the second deal 6190 and it was a trade that was set for
cancellation - as it was delayed cancellation from the site after you
rejected the price quote, this should have been cancelled without you seeing
it, but the internet slowed and timed the cancellation out - hence why we
have to then cancel manually. This has now been done and your account
should show the correct balance and stock.

If you could double check I'd be grateful. I am sorry for the inconvenience
and trust this is ok now.


Mark Rayden
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