NFA Dead Forex Firms Walking

May Net Capital Report

The CFTC has just released their latest net capital figures. This is the current state of the U.S. retail fx industry:

Financial Data for FCMs

Advanced Markets $20,722,000
Easy Forex $20,928,000
Ikkon Royal $21,247,000
MB Trading $21,360,000
Alpari $22,312,000
Forex Club $25,427,000
CMS Forex $29,788,000
Interbank FX $35,611,000
PFG $36,465,000
FX Solutions $48,262,000
FXCM $63,999,000
GFT Forex $79,368,000
Gain Capital $98,125,000
Oanda $159,062,000
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I agree that it is so important to be with a broker that you can feel confident with.
I work at CMS and I am happy that we are one of the better brokers out there. There are so many things to consider when choosing a broker that you can be confident with. At CMS,

- We do not take positions against our clients (referred in the industry as B-book, so we do not win when our clients lose),
- We have no dealing or trading floors, we are a price aggregator and give you the best bid and offer price from the liquidity providers (banks),
- We have some of the strictest KYC policies in the industry
- Our clients funds are kept in segregated funds and because we do not trade against you nor do we speculate ourselves so we DO NOT use our clients' money to trade with!

This is why we've been so successful.

Please message me if you want any information