Next Traders Day


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Will be on July 5th at the Old Sillhillians.

Watch this space for details.
"Old Sillhillians"
Where on earth is that? It's not actually outside the M25 is it? Or worse still, north of the M25?
It sounds like silly cult of alien followers on top of a hill.
I see.
Is "Solihull" near anywhere?
Does it have an airport or roads?
I was born in Yorkshire and live in Surrey. I didn't actually realise there was anywhere in between, apart from desolate wasteland.
Tnks, D.
All a bit confusing, but probably won't be able to make it anyway as I'll probably be in Chicago for The Fourth Of July.
Hope it all goes well for you guys
Hi Mr. Charts

If your worried about going outside London and breathing in all that fresh air, all you have to do is close you eyes and suck on a exhaust pipe for awhile. It'll soon remind you of home :D
Ah, such happy memories of my childhood in smog ridden Leeds....breathing "air" so thick it made Marmite taste like water.
It was so thick the Lancashire batsmen at Headingly didn't know if it was Fred Trueman or Don Wilson bowling out of the murk.
:) solihull is the west midlands....
.....south of Birmingham
.....not that far, from Birmingham Airport :p
Directions to the venue at the Rugby Club Solihull.
Go to the M42 come off jnctn No 4 go along A34 signed Shirley (towards Birmingham).Past Tesco on rhs, past Sainsburys on rhs then turn right at Safways supermarket, this is Solihull Rd go down Soliull Rd for aprox a mile, look for the Rugby Club sign .The club is on the right hand side go up the entry between the houses and bingo your there.