Newtons law of Motion


Has anyone seen or know of any research or work
that relates the work of Newtons Law of motion or
Galileo's work on friction to the movement of markets

Could be interesting
Yep - try seaching on google for 'stealth indicator'. And there is a site called that is supposedly based on ballistics. Quick question, why? Surely you already know that there is no secret other than p/s/r?

I posted this thread because I thought this board was
about 'Knowledge' - maybe new ideas or new input on
old ideas, you know, the stuff that helps move you forward
and I am always reminded to think of arthur c clarks words

" We only know what is truly possible by pushing on the
boundaries of what people say is impossible"

Of course we could all remain resigned and cynical and
not investigate or even debate sensibly what we are doing
and hey guess what, its easy (lazy) to be negative than constructive so just rely on ...

"its always been done that way"

but for me thats probably why a lot of traders don't make a real
living out of trading - sure they say they are traders but then
take a look at the books.

We would all do well to take note of einsteins words when
giving feedback to anyones original thoughts

"Great spirits often encounter opposition from mediocre minds"

maybe we should do a lot more uncrossing and a lot more thinking
I'd go along with that- you never know what a seemingly unimportant comment can spark off in someone's furtive mind, that may otherwise have stayed dormant.....