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I have just read the newsletter and tried to send a feedback comment. No go. Tried several times but simply wouln't send, so I'll post it here.

My suggestion was that some threads are getting very long and unwieldy. Would it be possible to cut off at a certain point and have an archived section for those people who need access from the beginning?

Apart from the above the site really has gone from good to better to better. I fully expected that it would degrade as the membership grew but it aint. Thanks Sharkey.


I think by neccesity some threads must be long, as we may not see a thread for a few days, then wan't to post a comment, thought, suggestion etc.

I think most just die a natural death once everyones had their say.

If we have a cut off point, it will mean starting a new thread and everyone having to go back and find the old thread to get up to speed.



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many threads can be bracketed into weekly or monthly postings.. e.g. indexkings thread, and also newtron bombs currency trading thread can perhaps be split this way.... only a suggestion - no offence intended to the thread starters...
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should have appeared in your e-mail yesterday - if you
have notified an e-mail address of course


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you should have got an e-mail from Trade2Win Mailer yesterday with the subject matter "T2W September Newsletter". Mine arrived at 18.18.

Newtron Bomb

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Ive already taken my lead from others who do a monthly thread... it makes for easier reading


Thanks for the feedback.

Orchard: Strange you couldn't post your comment - I tested this a couple of time myself and it worked fine, but as I've not received a single piece of feedback through it - maybe it's just me! Thanks for the support - I'm pleased with the way the site is growing, like you say the increase in membership doesn't appear to have adversely affected the quality site - which is good news.

Darren: I tend to agree with your point about splitting threads in the way orchard suggests might make it more difficult to follow particularly for new members.

Dsmodi: An interesting idea, but splitting threads in this way isn't quite as easy as you might expect. The advantage of course of having a single thread is if you did want to print it out for reference it makes it a lot easier to have it in one thread. But perhaps splitting by month could make it easier to digest.

What do others think?

Bonsai: You should have received the newsletter - as you're subscribed to it in your profile, is the email address you registered with still valid?

For anyone who didn't receive the newsletter I've attached it to this post. If you've subscribed and like to resubscribe, simply change the option in your profile.


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e-mail still valid and active.

last time I think there was some other feature in my profile
that clogged things up, but you said you had fixed it.

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