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hello all t2w traders,
im newbie in spot market n needs any advise the proper steps before enter the real trades world. im reads a lots of articles , webs,e-book n head ,neck n eyes crammed n confused ... pls do give some advise.

most of them said , we needs atleast a years experience then only enter the real acc. its true or how ?

my targets are 3 month, it is possible ?

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3 month target for what, specifically?
the time aspect is dependent entirely upon the trader. everybody will have an entirely different experience.


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of course it is possible.... but the most important questions to ask yourself are:
are you really ready?
are you committed?
can you spend substantial time within 3 months to fully prepare?
is it sensible to start trading live 3 months from now?
am I aware of the consequences and risks? are you prepared to face those?

3 months is too abrupt, in my view. Think really hard about this.

by the way, if you complain that your head, neck, eyes are sore, bleeding or aching, or what not.... well it is all part of it :D
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