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Hi, bufordarning, WinALLTrades,

Unfortunately the numerous Threads and Posts on all types of daytrading - for stocks, futures, FX, Options - are scattered across the T2W plains! :eek:

Perhaps you can just start your own Daytrading Thread - either in the Stocks or Futures or FX Threads - depending on your type of daytrading and asset(s) you use.

As for Options daytrading - there is already one thread called Options Daytrades (see post starting at:

You can also look at the Options - NADEX Threads. There I had posted a while back on daytrades using NADEX binary options. Just finally back to full capacity after personal illness and required lengthy treatments. So soon I will begin posting NADEX ideas and setups also.

For my Options trading - I also do primarily pull-back exploits using the Hourly and Daily setups.

But it would be great to see a more organized daytrading thread on your trading asset and style! From the both of you! :cool:

Good trading to you,