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Jul 21, 2017
Hey everyone
I'm 22/23 and I soon will get some money to start building my portfolio. I want to invest 10k in my trading account and I am a little confused of about how much I can make.
Let's say I invest the whole 10k into apple stocks and the apple share goes up by 4% after a week. If I sell it then would it mean I made 4% profit????
Of course (minus tax, broker fees)


Active member
Jul 23, 2017
Yep, your calculations are correct also if the stock tanks 10% on disappointing iPhone sales, you'll loose 10%... My advice is do not trade if you don't have a plan...
Jul 5, 2017
If all act rationally, traders will stop making money. After all, the lion's part of the profit is received by the trader because of errors of other bidders.
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