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You're spot on about K2A, at least you've realised that before they managed to extract any more money from you. The bad news is that the other options you're looking at are likely to be no better in terms of the end result. Maybe the quality of the teaching will be better but that's rather irrelevant as no matter how well they teach you Macd and MA crossovers it will still be pretty much useless. The success rate at these organisations is horrendously low.


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walk your own path..........why do you want help ?

its all out there for free............except the years of experience you will have to get under your belt

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Hi PBoyle. Thanks any Idea on the Courses Offered from Futex, Amplify Trading and Schneider Trading.


I lasted 2 weeks at Schnieder's STA Grad Scheme (as it was called in early 2010 when I did it). It seems to be a genuine setup, but as some of the guys have said on here - The success rate is very small indeed. I would recommend doing the course if you're selected though, as you may learn a lot - I did! (The course was free then, I don't know if it is now) Admittedly, I didn't know anything about scalping STIR spreads, butterflys and condors, and I certainly don't care about them now. However, I took a lot away from this course with respect to grasping fundamentals - It was definite eye opener, going through the FT with the old-time LIFFE floor traders and learning how they interpret the news.

I failed the course because my maths is a bit sh1t! Scalping spreads using calendar ladders, you need to be mentally agile on the mathematics otherwise its not for you, and it wasn't for me! To be honest though, why they don't program an algorithm to do this is beyond me. It wouldn't be difficult at all!

Hope that helps. Hit me back with any questions.


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The great thing about the internet, is that generally if you look hard enough you can find what you need for free, in regards to Forex, it's forums like this where you can learn things far beyond what a paid course will teach you. Make the investment your time and not your cash!
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