new to trading, just few weeks old


Hi all,

I’m new to this forum (already said hi in the introduce yourself thread),
Not sure if this is the correct place for this thread, but since its not off topic from trading, I guess it should be ok :)

Im writing this to share and fume off a little bit of my beginner's journey frustration so far.

Recently, I decided to learn about trading, markets, stocks etc. I was always curious about how all this worked, but never had the right material to get educated about.

I’ve only started a few weeks ago, from the very beginning since I knew nothing. I still don’t know much, but at least the deepest thickest fog that was in front of me is starting to get loose little by little. Luckily I found this forum, and I’m following the ‘getting started’ thread. So far I went through the intro, risk management and templates, and I’m still reading the remaining posts/articles.

Whats bothering me most is, that everytime I try to find more info about what I’m reading here, (that is I google or youtube more about each topic) I’m getting flooded with loads of (excuse me) BS. All these get-rich-quick plans are intoxicating and can make you lose focus easily. Further more, when I’m searching and reading reviews about brokers (mainly forex brokers) I’m finding that most reviews claim that these brokers are somewhat ‘rigged’. Not sure why about these claims, but its kind of worrying not to have a trustworthy broker.

My concern is, that it looks like the internet is full of sharks who want to rip you off overnight, and I hate that. What’s also annoying is that I’m recently running in circles cause I don’t have a steady study plan. I never taught myself something from scratch. Whenever I researched and learned online, it was always a topic I already knew about, so it was easier to spot false/fake information quite reasonably. But trading for me is totally new, so I can’t really debate or question what I’m reading. Not having a structured study plan is beating me up badly. I rather have a list with 100 good books to read, rather then having 10books and not knowing if its crappy material or an honest one.

For now I’ll keep on reading that 4step intro thread, and re-read it again, continue testing with the demo accounts and check some strategies, but i’m still feeling densely fogged and worst of all…questioning how to spot scams (including these type of brokers)

What I’ll be hopefully aiming would be day trading FX, since I’ll have to stick to evenings only.