New to trading could do with some help thanks!!!


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Hi my name is narrin I have just started trading I am about a week in i was trading on the demo to see if I could trade And I was doing really well I must of made about 20,000-30,000 so I thought to my self let’s do it for real so I decided to deposit some money and then I started trading I have been for about a week now and I feel it’s not going the same way I thought it might off or as it did on the demo I have placed quite a few trades on some stocks and I am just loosing all my money it’s not really going well at all I feel I am struggling to find which stock I should trade in and which time I feel I am doing my research but when I do my trade it never ends I feel I know how to trade but just don’t know which stocks to trade in and which time I place the trade as well as when I should pull out,if possible anyone could help me I would really appreciate thank you. Narrin