New Malcolm Robinson site worth it or not?


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I see Malcolm Robinson has got his new site up and running -

anyone thinking about a subscription? At £159 for first month and then I think £29/month thereafter, it's a sizeable enough commitment - certainly the first month anyway.

I think his views on trading are very sound, and I like the simple instinctive style myself (provided you've enough experience).

However, what do others think about the price/content? Think he'll get many takers?

Trender. ;)


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In my view it is almost impossible to tell without signing up, (although I am not one for subscription services for this kind of product anyway). There is no free trial and all the information that may be of use is not available unless you do sign up.

I guess we will just have to wait and see from someone who takes the plunge.



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.........that's a good point about no free trial.

I'd be interested, but for the fact there's no way to actually preview what I'd be paying for. And common sense tells me if I can't try before I buy, it's probably not worth having.

I actually think he's one of the more sound guys offering trading advice, but I'm not so sure he's doing his reputation any favours marketing it like this.

Lets face it, if the contents worth it, then after a free trial people are going to sign-up based on the fact they can't do without it. If not, then....... :confused:


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I wanted to ask you something by PM or email but you have both disabled, have you any other means of contact ?



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Trader 333,

sorry, PM was disabled by mistake. Should be ok now.



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It's rather easy.

None of these subsription sites are worth it.

Don't you think the creators would trade if they could?

You get trading right and the returns are fabulous. You certainly do not need to run a subscription web site.

Those that can do, those that cannot teach.


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Would be interested to your reply to the thread 'What's your annualised return' ?

Care to comment ? Iknow you have been doing pretty well of late old son !?


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Malcolm Robinson got in to a bit of bother not long ago sending out an email for what looked like a get rich quick scheme. I can't take him seriously having seen that. His website might be OK but there is probably more good information within TTW. Why pay when you can get it for free?


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I do remember that e-mail with the "get rich quick" scheme now you come to mention it - and yes, it was quite a turn-off. Didn't do much for his credibility at all. :eek:


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I received this mail from Malcolm,

"I have to confess that the response to my web site offering has
been disappointing. It is early days, but it is important to me
that it starts well. Clearly the price is too high for many
people to take the risk.

It is slightly baffling to me because the price is well below
the cost of my CD 'Day Trading FTSE Futures' which sold well
for £197 ($360) and... my S&P DVD is better!

But as a trader I have to accept that the market is always
right. So I am going to do an experiment, to see how
significant price is. This offer will run until midnight March
31st, so a little over 24 hours.

Here is the offer:

1) £100 discount of the cost of the DVD, so it just £59 ($108)
and still includes the first month access to the member site.

2) For the first 50 orders I will include a copy of my FTSE CD
for free!

And... you are still covered by my 100% money back guarantee if
you are not satisfied with the material. You can cancel your
subscription at any point during the first 30 days and get a
full refund."

I am wondering has anyone subscribed at this new price and what they think so far?


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New website aimed at regular futures traders. Presents a methodology for trading the S&P, based on identifying key constellations of bars/candlesticks and volume. Basic resource is the collected reflections of the editor Malcolm Robinson, with detailed current examples of his approach. There is also a DVD which presents the ideas and the practice. Interesting material around which to organise one's thoughts about trading. If you have a systems bent, you may think that the preference for "intuitive" methods is a bit unrigorous, but systems are not everyone's bag, and it is interesting to speculate whether the methods could be successfully worked up into a system.


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Got this by Email today.......everyone's at it LOL..

Dear Kevin..

I am really excited!

We are finally releasing our Forex Trading Method:

I know I was supposed to send this out a couple of weeks ago,
but I had to take a few extra weeks to make sure this method
was ready for you to start using.

In the past few weeks we tested and tweaked the method,
and here it is:

An easy and incredibly profitable way to trade the Forex Markets:

The results are fantastic. Two weeks ago we asked some of our
customers to test the method, and they earned more than $2,000
in the last 10 days, trading only 2 contracts!

Kevin, please take a few minutes and follow this link
to read more about the Method:

Youâ?Tll be glad you did.

All the best to you in your trading,

Joe Ross and the Team at Trading Eduacators
Trading Educators, Inc.
1509 Jackson Drive
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Phone 1-800-476-7796


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Still we have no answer!
Has anyone actually signed up?
Growltiger(great name-knew a girl like that once) the reason I am so curious is that I have in the past bought some of Malcolm's material and have also spoken to him in person, in which he pointed me in a direction that really paid dividends for my trading.
Added to both these positives I myself tend to trade somewhat intuitively and as such am curious to see exactly what it is he is offering,as form what I can see on the site much of it is previously available material.
Can anyone shed some light????
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