NEW idea: Multi EMA list to make music staff/stave on stock view


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Here, I would introduce my new idea on EMA list:
EMA 7, 20, 38, 62, 100 to make a Music Staff/Stave on Stock View.
And there is a hiding EMA diff line~~ (2*Ema7 - Ema20), (2*Ema7 - Ema38)...
i.e. 1:1 ratio high between EMA 7 and EMA 20, pick on rival position!!
You wonder that the above picture like music, when to buy, when to sell.
Seem you know the PRICE to eat more as possible.

For me, Simple check out (2*Ema7 - Ema20) got V turn and give small arrow signal on sell or buy.

Original SMA or Gubby do not give you the idea when to sell on the BEST price if possible,
That's why people say MA to time delay Analysis, only good when 2nd time get support/resist effect.
Ema7 touch more and more High/Low on each candle at all,
with hiding line (2*Ema7 - Ema20), you will get the idea when it cross back to MA and find the pivot if possible.

Test and give comment on my new TA idea. Thank you.


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Here are some update images, you can see how EMA_MUSIC_STAVE works.
DJI got Evening Star Pattern, time to down trend, and you can see the calculated Green line give Pivot at all.
Well, moving average lag but this calculated line lag about 1/2 of candle time.
General speaking, moving average is slow and lag, only good to find support/resistance when correction occurs.
But this time, only 1/2 of candle time, you know time to turn downtrend.

On the other hand, VIX got red calculated line to U turn upwards.
IF DJI drop a lot again, VIX goes up.

For forex example, you can see how MUSIC_STAVE works, it always touch the low on down trend even it is weekly chart.
You can try to eat more pips if possible if you know the big trend is going.


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Here an example on my EMA_MUSIC_STAVE mq4 on 1 min chart and the mq4 file. I suggest NOT to use arrow if possible.


  • 20151106_night_1min_MUSIC_STAVE.png
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  • EMA_57_Crossover_Stave.mq4
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