New addition at IB


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Just seen a new addition at IB's site, and may help those that have yet to choose a charting service, or those that have a charting problem from their vendor. ie if it crashes suddenly.

It's IB Charts and it's on Resources/toolbox/freelance tools.
It runs from the IB feed and has one second charts! as well as the more normal time frames.
If your subscribed to a market at IB you can chart it etc etc. Not a lot of indicators for the die hards among us. (But that might do a few people a favour.) It's also free which is everyone's favourite price.

Only had a brief look but it shows promise.
it won't let me get past the disclaimer screen!! Does it know that I'm just pressing the button to say I agree with it even though I haven't actually read it???

will try again later.

Wouldn't have thought so. Just in case, scroll down the lot and click.

Have on comp now very quick download, uses hardly any space. Cuts off the Sierra feed though, so those charts are not updating while the IB charts are running. Unless I'm doing something wrong?
This looks very promising. I'm into it and it's showing my account.
I'm not sure what I'm doing yet though :rolleyes:


I've managed to open a load of rubbish under Window in IBcharts, whilst clicking around. Any idea how to clear the junk please?

thanks for the link options but that doesn't work for me either! Must be something on my computer. Sounds a good app though so I'll certainly try to work it out. Although I do like Sierra Charts.
Just to let you know, I took it off the link OK, and then it connects to Tradestation. However, I've had a number of IBcharts.exe errors(freezing) and just generated an IE error which I thought I'd beaten. I'm going to uninstall and do a system restore, just in case.