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Does anyone have any experience using NeuroXL Predictor. Is it worth buying?
I have asked for more details about their 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If that is any good, then it might be worth testing it for 30 days. It is also part of the Analyzer XL package.

There is a free neural net framework here. If only I had the knowledge to use it!
They have sent an email to me stating that the 30 day money back guarantee is unconditional. So I will give it a try next week, if I can find the time.
whats the website address for this neuroxl predictor?

re: Bigbusiness

please let me know your experience with neuroXL if you get around to trying it.
Well I decided to try it and now I will have to see if the money back guarentee is as good as they say :(

I can't find any use for it as the predictions seem to be scattered fairly randomly on the data I have tested it with. If you look at their sample page, it predicts Microsoft to close at 49.54 on 11-Jun-02. The actual close was 52.57. Not only are the close predictions a long way out, they don't seem to offer any help when deciding if the stock or index is going to close up or down the next day. Perhaps with changing all the settings and using different amounts of data I could get better results but I don't think it is worth the effort.

Hope this saves someone parting with their hard earned.

re bigbusiness 's post above i have just received a very ambiguous unhelpful email reply to an enquiry I made to them. I was thinking that if it was useful software that could predict direction it could be applied profitably to simple up/down or even range fixed odds bets, such as ig binary or betonmarkets.

is anyone else having any luck in this regards?
Does this type of software do anything, or would it be easier (cheaper) to just toss a coin - same result in my book.
First of all i am not a supporter for Neuro XL Predictor...but i am a supporter of common sense...if you have a software that can predict the CLOSE and OPEN of stock or currency based on HOW MUCH DATA is inputed and the wieght or emphasis placed on how long the neurons/genetic algorithms should take to throughly analyze the given data to make a prediction...then clearly you have a viable guide as to what to CONFIRM with your MAIN & PROFITABLE trading offense..but try the Neuro XL Predictor agian...this time get the forecast for the open and close of the currency or stock and then use your trading system or indicator of choice to confirm the direction of the trade..i.e. if the open of the stock is 45.50 and the close is 39.50..then clearly the stock or currency is in a downward trend and the converse is true.
Wideboy...Neuro Networks are waaaaaay advance than a coin toss...the problem traders have with them is 1. how to get accurate data to train the neurol nets and 2. how to properly interpret the data or forecast and 3. not to be too greedy in executing the maybe Big Business was too upset to realize that the prediction was only off by $3.03!(yes this can be a lot of money when leverage is applied, but thats what risk reward ratio calculations and MM is for) ...if your not mathematically inclined..find someone who is and ask them "if you found a software that could predict prices fairly accurately, but only be off by a very small margin of a few dollars or between 5-15% but had a winning rate of 85-95%..would you use it?"...i leave the rest to you my friends all the best for 2011!!