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Hello friends of the forum. My name is Nekoo and I am a social trader. For those who do not know him, I am a trader of traders.

I have been analyzing thousands of different traders and their funds or social trading accounts for years, including PAMM funds, Darwins, etc... dozens of different brokers and platforms.

I know a lot about the whole issue of social trading and luckily it is becoming more and morewidespread, so I want to collaborate and start this project. For those who don't know about it, a social trader is an ordinary person who trades from home, and whoever wants to copy his trades, or even trade against his trades (make the investment but the other way around) Therefore, even with a trader who loses money, he can earn money trading against, if a trader who tends to lose money buys for example Euro/dollar, the users who trade against him will be selling Euro/dollar, so they will earn if the trader loses, and vice versa.

Technology is advancing and there are ever better tools for mass social trading, and they are available so that they can be done from any broker, provided that the broker has that technology, only available to brokers and banks that offer services to third parties.

My goal is to trade funds and accounts of other traders in public, as well as to offer signals and recommendations of intraday funds that can be followed through Youtube or other means such as Telegram.

In all these years that I have been researching, I have developed an excel with tens of thousands of data and quantitative techniques that can be applied to these funds of other traders. It is easier for me to trade such funds than a market like forex. In reality, a losing trader will have a clearly bearish trend, and a winning trader a clearly bullish trend. Therefore, in all this time I have been able to select the best in the world, and apply techniques to their own funds that further improve performance.

Hand thought about starting a new journey in my life, making myself known and trading so that everyone who sees or reads me can follow my trades and copy them if they want.

I'm starting this personal project, my idea is to start with YouTube, leave presentation messages like this one in different forums and trading places, and activate a telegram to give signals out there. The thread of this group will be updated with information, with news in the videos of the youtube or with the live ones, as well as with the results that I get in real time and visible by all, or other account audit links such as fxblue or myfxbook.

I will show you that it is not so important to choose a good social trading fund, such as being able to adjust the size of the position (how much will be invested at all times) and to be able to diversify the investment into various funds and not bet everything on one. In a few days I will start with all this, and I will put an initial real account so that everyone can follow my operations, both open and closed and with total transparency. At the moment all my services will be free, and I will already think about what price to put for some of them, such as premium signals or account management, based on % of profits. At the moment I want to be followed for a while and that they can see my operation and results in real time, and if it convinces them, you know where to contact me.

I appreciate your time and hope you will feel interested in my project. If so, I ask you for support for the YouTube channel because it requires me 100 subscribers to be able to name it on the URL and show me in the search engine..

Subscribe and motivate me to create more content by teaching you to get returns from this booming new market as it once happened with cdfs..
Hi forum people, I've uploaded new content to the YT channel.

In this video, I tell you who I am and what are the objectives that I have with the creation of this channel and project:


I'm a social trader. For those who do not know him, I am a trader of traders. I have been analyzing thousands of different traders and their funds or social trading accounts for years, including PAMM funds, Darwins, etc... dozens of different brokers and platforms.

In all these years that I have been researching, I have developed an excel with tens of thousands of data and quantitative techniques that can be applied to these funds of other traders.

Technology is advancing and there are better tools for mass social trading, allowing us to manage various funds while participating in them.


With this project my intention is to create the first community of mass social traders. As I teach you how this can be possible, by doing this I am also testing myself and learning from the way you see things.

I will give signals for the Telegram group giving you the push that you lack so that you start rolling the snowball of financial freedom which is what we should all look for every day that we get up to start living for real, without pressure or worrying bills.

If you liked the presentation of my project I encourage you to like this video, subscribe and share it so that we reach our goal of 100 subscribers that are the ones that Youtube requires us to be able to put the name of the channel in the URL.

Thank you all so much for your time!
I've uploaded a new video to the YT channel!

TELEGRAM CHANNEL to be informed of all the news, all the signals and advice of Social Trading ------

Social trading arises from the need for some traders to engage with professionals in order to learn techniques and strategies, share analyses and charts and to discuss common interests. It is a community of users that works in the same way as a social network, but around a topic as specific as trading.

These networks are becoming very popular with millennials, a generation familiar with new technologies and open to everything they can give them.

Social trading is an opportunity for young people to approach the financial market in general and complex products in particular, such as contracts for difference (CFDs), without prior training.

Social trading, mirror trading and copy trading are the same?

Social trading, mirror trading and copy trading are three terms that are often used interchangeably, but have some small differences that need to be known.

· Mirror trading or mirror trading. It has a lot to do with automated trading as it consists in replicating a strategy programmed by a trader and hosted on the server of the company that offers the trading services to make it available to those users who want to execute it.

· Copy trading. In this case, a professional trader connects his personal account to a platform so that it records all his trades, evaluates them, verifies and offers the results to other investors, so that they can copy them.

· Social trading. It is a further step from the previous two because, it not only allows you to copy or replicate strategies, but also interact with other traders, make queries, assess their performance, etc. Traders have a profile, as in a social network, and through it share opinions and operations.

Of course, traders who share their strategies do not make it non-profit but seek to make someprofit.

Advantages of social trading

Social trading has several advantages that we detail below:

- It offers the possibility to network with other traders, being able to make queries on all kinds of markets, questions about techniques, discuss an event that affects investors, etc.

- Allows you to contact trading without prior training and gradually learn from other experienced traders.

- Traders who do not withstand high levels of pressure and who are easily carried away by emotions can find in social trading a way to invest safely, simply by copying positions from other traders.

Disadvantages of social trading

- Beginner traders who decide to practice it for their first contact with the market can be accommodated, leave their trades in the hands of professionals and not train properly. This leads to a lower perception of risk, which is very dangerous when deciding how much capital we invest.

- Standby time. There is a possibility that, in the time between the signal provider applying its strategy and another trader applying the replica, the market has changed and therefore is no longer as effective.

- The risk profile and capital that we have can be very different from that of the trader we replicate, so we must be careful when replicating some high risk strategies..

- You can only win when the trader you copy wins, there is no reverse investment option.

But this last disadvantage I have managed to overcome it thanks to a software that taught me a friend and developer of this just when they were developing it and currently this allows me both to buy and sell traders..

This new advantage of social trading gives us the possibility to turn traders into markets.

This has allowed me to create a way of trading called massive social trading that brings together all the above of social trading in addition to this new world of traders market,being able to trade its graphs of profitability.

And so far this new video, I will soon be uploading more very useful videos for people who are interested in the world of social trading and how poder to start generating revenue from it.

If you liked this video you are encouraged to likeit, share it with whoever you think might interest you and subscribe to me helping me reach the goal that we have of 100 subscribers to be able to name our channel to the YouTube URL!

That was it and goodbye!
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