Need a bit of advice. Seasoned investor, but first time stock buyer!


Hi All,

I'm a long term investor via Mutual Funds for the last two decades. But given these unusual times and time on my hands I took to investing directly in stocks.

Here is my situation and I'd like some advice on how you would proceed. To be clear I've got enough money in Mutual Funds, 401K, IRAs etc and the stock investments was just because I had a pile of money in a MM account.

1) Bought airline stocks in the big 3 (AAL, DAL and UAL) when they were down 50% only to see them go down another 50%! They've recovered enough so that I'm breaking even with DAL and UAL and up 30% with AAL. What would you do? I'm particularly concerned about AAL.

2) Bought a lot of mid stream oil/gas companies at their low (MMLP, NBLX, WES) and some producers (SSL, CVE) right at their bottom and they've all essentially at least doubled and even tripled. Do I cash in the gains or just hold them for the long term.

3) I've got some more cash to invest but I'm struggling to find an undervalued sector. I've been investing a bit in hotel REITs.

4) Lastly and certainly not least, I have a whole bunch of stocks of varying sectors (cruise ships, restaurants, retail etc.) which were all badly hit by COVID 19 and I've now doubled my money on them. I timed their bottom by chance. Do I just hold them and hope for no second wave or cash in and wait for the second wave. A lot of these stocks (particularly the restaurant stocks) are really small companies with <<$100M caps so could easily go bankrupt if a second closure happens.



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You shouldn’t really be taking advice from an Internet chat site:)

fwiw I am guided by my original intentions. If I had 50%, say, profit in mind then I look to take it if I get it. Certainly, you don’t want to see all your gains disappear, so you might consider setting a stoploss to guard most of it.
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