Just wanted to say that although I have just sold MyTravel in the share competition - because looking at the portfolio of the leader there is no way I could win otherwise - this could be a buy.

The impending announcement of a deal with bondholders may see movement in the shareprice. Current movements could be antipating that.
goldsmithnew - all your posts today could easily be interpreted as ramping. Please be aware that ramping of stocks is not permissible on these boards, so perhaps you will tone down your posts and use some technical analysis to substantiate your claims.
Apologies and explanation

Sorry if my posts looked suspicious.

I really don't have any technical analysis - I invest based upon instinct, and by following company news.

I have been buying MyTravel since December, when I paid 27p. I have since bought at 11p, 16p, and 18.5p.

There were only two possibilities for this company - collapse or an eventual dramatic recovery in share price. The markets are currently acting very erratically, punishing share prices in a completely OTT way on any bad news. MT has been one of the biggest victims of this.

Allied to this has been the undervaluation of holiday and airline companies. Bear in mind that Airtours - the MT predecessor - was the fastest rising UK share following the end of the Gulf War.

Bear in mind also that Tom Farmer, director of MT and KwikFit founder, has allegedly been buying in the 10-20p range.
goldsmithnew - we've received complaints about your postings above, as they appear to be worded in a way which constitutes ramping, despite my asking you not to.

Therefore, I have had to edit both the above posts to remove the worst, as well as the thread title.
That is really pathetic.

Ramping is the deliberate spreading of rumours known to be false. None of my messages expressed anything other than personal instinct, opinion, or fact.

Besides, who but an idiot would actually buy a share based on opinions expressed on an anonymous board without looking into the stock in detail themselves.

I stand by my comments, and withdraw my apology.

This is the nanny state mentality gone mad.


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<i>I stand by my comments, and withdraw my apology.</i>

Then I request that this thread be removed to save the site from ramping.



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Fwiw, goldmithnew, I think MT offers a good trading buy opp as well.Results are next week and they said they expect the refinance to be done by 2nd week in June.I'm waiting for a suitable entry point before the results and will very likely do a rather large long on this dog.
I was happy to see a nice weak auction close today and hope we get some weakness on it tommorow.Failing that , I'll take the plunge if it threatens 20p on the upside.

These sets minnows are proving to be nice for scalping at the moment ie. All rubbish is bouncing at the mo.
Good Luck.


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All the regulars know where you're coming from. The newcomers may not. Keep the supporting facts with your stocks and your posts will be ok.
Nothing 'alleged' about Farmer purchases

MyTravel Group plc - Director Shareholding

RNS Number:0609J
MyTravel Group plc
21 March 2003



1. Name of company

MyTravel Group plc

2. Name of director

Sir Tom Farmer

3. Please state whether notification indicates that it is in respect of holding
of the shareholder named in 2 above or in respect of a non-beneficial interest
or in the case of an individual holder if it is a holding of that person's
spouse or children under the age of 18 or in respect of a non-beneficial

As in 2 above

4. Name of the registered holder(s) and, if more than one holder, the number of
shares held by each of them (if notified)

As in 2 above

5. Please state whether notification relates to a person(s) connected with the
director named in 2 above and identify the connected person(s)

Not applicable

6. Please state the nature of the transaction. For PEP transactions please
indicate whether general/single co PEP and if discretionary/non discretionary

Purchase of shares

7. Number of shares / amount of stock acquired


8. Percentage of issued class


9. Number of shares/amount of stock disposed

Not applicable

10. Percentage of issued class

Not applicable

11. Class of security

Ordinary shares of 10p each

12. Price per share

1,000,000 at 13p per share
500,000 at 12.75p per share
111,935 at 12.5p per share

13. Date of transaction

20 March 2003

14. Date company informed

21 March 2003

15. Total holding following this notification


16. Total percentage holding of issued class following this notification


If a director has been granted options by the company please complete the
following boxes.

17. Date of grant

18. Period during which or date on which exercisable

19. Total amount paid (if any) for grant of the option

20. Description of shares or debentures involved: class, number

21. Exercise price (if fixed at time of grant) or indication that price is to be fixed at time of exercise

22. Total number of shares or debentures over which options held following this notification

23. Any additional information

24. Name of contact and telephone number for queries

Mike Vaux, Assistant Company Secretary - 0161 232 6567

25. Name and signature of authorised company official responsible for making
this notification

Mike Vaux Assistant Company Secretary

Date of Notification

21 March 2003

The FSA does not give any express or implied warranty as to the accuracy of this
document or material and does not accept any liability for error or omission.
The FSA is not liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages
for loss of business or loss of profits) arising in contract, tort or otherwise
from the use of or inability to use this document, or any material contained in
it, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using this document or
any such material.

This information is provided by RNS
The company news service from the London Stock Exchange

For more information and to contact AFX: and

Copyright © 2003 AFX
Provided by Hemscott Group Ltd
2nd floor, Finsbury Tower, 103-105 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TY
Tel: +44 (0)20-7496 0055 Fax: +44 (0)20-7847 1719


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Arguably the 9th September, 2002 RNS (where he bought at 129.5p) is much more useful as this gives an indication of Sir Tom Farmer's investing record in this share.

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