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Hello guys,
I invest in some investment platform - companies (pamm, lamm,copy services, hedge-fund's) 4 year's. I want to intoduce my portfolio and I'll post my invest result.

1.Fxpro Supertrader
2.Mirror Trader

First of all I want introduce Fxpro Supertrader.
FxPro SuperTrader requires every leader to undergo a strict application process that includes questionnaires, interviews and testing of their strategies. Even after passing these tests the performance of every strategy is constantly being monitored. Should they repeatedly fall below a certain performance threshold, or fail to comply with our own risk management criteria, they are removed from FxPro SuperTrader.

In addition, FxPro SuperTrader is backed by FxPro’s Agency Model, meaning that there is no Dealing Desk to intervene between the positions taken by the strategies in your portfolio and the markets. FxPro does not act as counterparty, we do not trade against you and, most importantly, our revenues do not come from your losses. This means no conflicts of interest, we only earn commissions, you get a fairer deal, everybody benefits.

Another point that other platform providers neglect to mention, is that most operate with a dealing desk, meaning that the broker offering you the service is intervening between the strategies in your portfolio and the markets. They are the counterparty, occasionally trading against you and, most importantly, profiting from your losses.

I think one of the great advantage this platform is multiplier. Because you can multiplier conservative strategy. It's more profit than multiplier myfxbook autotrade, where most of agressive strategies(you can more losses).
For example
Volume that opened on the strategy in your portfolio, calculated
the ratio between the funds invested by the user and the supplier
strategy, multiplied by the multiplier.
Example: Let's supplier strategy invested $ 5,000, and the user has invested in
This same strategy as $ 1,000, while the multiplier is 3. If the provider offers
position in 2 lots, then the position of the investor will be (1000/5000) * 2 * 3 = 1.2 lots.

My deposit -$3000 and I'm invest in EurUsd Portfolio,Pandora and AristionFx strategies.
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