Muppet newbie question about IB and US stock regulations


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I want to ask someone with experience with Interactive Brokers and US stock trading regulations.

To open an account with with IB and daytrade, I would need a min of USD25K and you will be considered a pattern trader if you trade more than 4 or 5 times a week. And IB is a US broker so my funds will be in US accounts.

However, I want to day trade the Japanese stock market. I'm based overseas and not a US citizen.

Since I'm not a US citizen and I'm trading different market from the US, My question is this:

Will I be considered a pattern day trader if I trade other markets?

I 'think' the US regulations shouldn't affect me but I could be wrong. What would be a nightmare would be my account being frozen for 90 days!

BTW, I've sent over this message to IB to confirm but their CS is terrible at the moment. Already taking 3 days and counting to answer.