MultiCharts PowerLanguage/EasyLanguage full documentation, full reference book, books and materials?


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I'm looking for the PowerLanguage/EasyLanguage full documentation, full reference book, books, and materials? Everything related to MultiCharts-14(latest version). I don't know where to start and where to read all the materials to get full knowledge about this Algorithmic Trading application as fast and as complete as possible?

I can read man guides and books as long as they are worthy of my time and they are written well and they are useful, but I don't want to use my time to read junk books and guides that have no practical value, nor any performance optimization considered on them.

I want to develop an Algorithmic Trading Robot/App that can be capable of the fastest possible execution lowest possible latency with best of the best memory management and superior performance optimization with MultiCharts-14 and I need professional advice on this? please help?

Note: I may try to learn other Algorithmic Trading language or API or first-class programming languages like Java and develop some application for Algorithmic Trading on them as well, but I need to learn MultiCharts-14 as I'm developing one EA/Robot/application-for-algorithmic-trading in MultiCharts-14 too.

Tnx and best of luck 😇


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In these books there are complete codes in Easylanguage of various Trading Systems and they also teach how to create, test and optimize T. S:

- The Ultimate Trading Guide (John R. Hill, George Pruitt, Lundy Hill)

- Trading Systems that Work (Thomas Stridsman)

- Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation (George Pruitt, John R. Hill)

- Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems (Robert Pardo)

- Trading Systems - A New Approach To System Development (Urban Jaekle and Emilio Tomasini)

You can download here:


EasyLanguage Functions and Reserved Words Reference

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