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My concept is to try to get an MT4 chart signal/audible alert made up from combining 3 settings of the CCI oscillator.
The problem may be that it is necessary to recognise major divergence from 2 separate settings of the CCI.
By using these settings it gets fewer signals but all the bigger safer moves.
There would be a small number of alert criteria both simple and complicated, but to give an example of a more complex signal, it would be if -
1. CCI 'A' was under a level, and
2. CCI 'B' was under a level then
3. CCI 'C' would trigger an alert ONLY IF there was no divergence on C.
May I have coders’ opinions on the feasibility please? I will send a word document with more details on if it is possible.
PS - I have attached a chart and that shows 2 highlighted blue areas. The first is where there is no divergence and the second where there is divergence. The first area is where a signal would be alerted and there would be no signal at the second. Hope that helps.


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