MS Excel & macros HELP !


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Ok..first off ..i'm a newbie on this board so hope i've posted this in the correct Forum Topic.
Also i am not a whizz on the PC either !

I want to automate my stock data in MS Excel by having it compile the #day moving average (say..for example 20day MA).

In other words after entering the end of day's data for my stocks; in the column alongside the latest entry of day's data, i will also have the MA auto calculated for whatever length of days i've chosen (take the example above - a 20 day MA).

I don't have a clue how to write the macro. Can anybody help me out?



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Why not just use the Average function to calculate the average. Ie if the date is in col A, the closing price is in col B then the average in col C starting at row 20 - =Average(B1:B20). Then just copy this down, so C21 has the formula =Average(B2:B21).


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No problem! Sometimes we all get caught up looking for complex solutions to simple problems - just like trading.
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