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OK not really relevant to trading but someone must know this :

MS Excel - I can remember doing this a few years ago on some marketing/mailshot thing I was doing back in my software sales days, but I cant remember how:

I've got a list of data - names, addresses etc in the following format in a .bout file (file generated by a cgi script on my webserver) which I want to export and play about with:

angela smith|1 the street|the town|the county etc - 12 fields in all.

using MS word, I can get all the "|" symbols changed to, say, commas which I can then chuck into Excel (seemed to remember something about Excel and .csv files but .... no, its gone again), but then I get a bit stuck because of course it pastes them all into one cell on the worksheet, and my grey cells are obviously going faster than I thought.

Whats the easiest way to export these from this .bout (ASCII text format) file so that I can get the data into something legible/usable, preferably in a format which I can sort it in MS Excel or something.




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I am not sure I have fully understood your problem but once you have changed the | to , then you need to save the file to a format with a .txt extension.

Then try and open it in Excel by using the open file command. You should then get options for the field separations.



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hi rossored,

not familiar with bout file? but i know a text file will open in excel. try saving word doc with txt extension.


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If you copy the .txt file to excel you can then use Data>Text to Columns to convert it if it does not do this automatically


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Thankyou all. It works like a charm, and I can now send my mailing lists to the millions :LOL:
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