Mr. Zones swings the blues.

Mr. Zones

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Mr. Zones meets pretty Miss Trend.

Mr. Zones: My name is Zones. Swing Zones. I think you're really cute & I'd like to be your friend.

Miss Trend: Thank you Swing, that's very kind of you.

Mr. Zones: No worries. Let's do lunch tomorrow.

Miss Trend: Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd rather not.

Mr Zones: And why not?

Miss Trend: I've had bad experiences with aggressive men...

Mr Zones: Hey baby, I know where you're coming from, but I'm a lover not a fighter.

Miss Trend: You have a funny way of showing it...

Mr Zones: Hey come on, what on earth is that meant to mean?

Miss Trend: I've been watching you for a while now, and on three occassions (including today), you had the opportunity to follow me, but you prefer to resist...


Mr. Zones

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Will cocky Mr. Zones take clever Miss Trend more seriously?

Part II of III



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I'm sure someone finds all this absolutely fascinating.


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Hmm. Is there actually any point to this thread? Do you think anyone has any interest at all in seeing screendumps of your statements? I'd keep them to yourself if I were you.
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