Mr 10% - ???? HAYS (HAS)


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Cigar ( Mr 10% )

You might like to look at this one.

Hays (HAS)

Seems to bounce of nice round figures
330 - 340 - 350 - 360 etc.

Currently at 354.

TA assist please guys re: timing.



You've sussed me. My game plan for this year is to catch the retracements to trendlines, trying to get a 10% gain, mainly within the FT350.
If I can pick these up, I need to repeat it 4 times a year (reinvesting) to make ~48%pa.
If I can up it to 12%'s, this rises to ~75%.

If I could earn 50%pa until I'm 60, I'd be a happy chappie, with laptop by my side and feet dangling in a swimming pool somewhere warm.

So HAYS, here we come. Have a look at RTR. Just took a 10%er from them and another looks on the cards.
Hi Cookie.......

Hays tried hard today up to a high of 370 only to fall back to 355 looks to me like someone is trying to push this one up so keep an eye on it. Am sure you will get your 10% out of it soon, and with that its on my watch list.


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That 370 on hays does not represent the true picture. It seems to be a single trade......The bulk of the day was spent at 354/355.