morning star

chart attached


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Hi Darth,

Adding the chart here for convenience...have to say it got all signs of a good bounce, rise on high volume, RSI and stochastics support, etc...only I'd rather the bullish candles were a single longer one rather than 2, you think it makes a difference?



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Darth. When I try to open your . png I get a blank screen.( Microsoft Image composer).Any Ideas...

sorry it's all a bit of mess really what with passwords and errors. It sounds like you need a plug-in or viewer program - the chart shows ok on my pc.

Thankfully Riz has posted in jpg format (I would but I don't have a conversion program on my ancient PC will full-up file system).


re: morning star - I've been using metastock's candlestick functions to determine whether a chart has a morning star or not. At the end of the day there is a subjective element and metastock involved Nison in their implementation. I must agree though that this "morning star" is not the best example that I've ever seen - In general this candle pattern seems to have been highly reliable but one has to fail some time.