Moderators? Has the system frozen this morning?r

Andy Shelter

Junior member
Nobody's trades seem to have gone thru.

My Unilever purchase this morning will have stop-lossed out immediayely, but I have been unable to get at the proceeds to reinvest.

Hope you haven't all gone off to the Cayman Islands with our stakes.

Can you unblock?

Technical Glitch

Oh dear, not such a good start to the week. Sorry folks, technical glitch.

Okay all trades have only now gone through at approx 12:40pm. But of course everyone has now probably got an unwanted fill, so add your voice to this thread and tell me whether we should continue as is, or restart the competition tomorrow. I'll take the majority decision, as of 8:00pm this evening.

Just continue as is. First of all, everyone is affected. Second, it's a unpredicatable day today anyway. Third, it's the first day and don't think it will have a hugh impact.
Carry on

I suggest you press on. Nobody seems to have been too badly out of pocket.

The main downside was the opportunity cost of not being able to get in early and short a falling market. But almost without exception the delayed trades were buys!

The majority have it.. thanks for your feedback, sorry about the false start, I'll make sure it runs smoothly next time.