moderators!!! barc. just sell himself??!!!


I am at the moment checking my prices, and very suprisly barc. which as set up with a limit of 375 just sold at 345, can please coorect this, and also why does this happen, I just lost a good bit of profit...
sorry sharky, in need u to cancel the 35.748 buy in lloy, I just done a couple of minutes ago...sorry!!
how does this happen?
if you want to revealed of course?
ah ... by the way... THANKS!
Hi Sharky, the trades for Fraternity Fund due to go through at 9am today as overnights did not, could you look into it please.

Techcherry (and everyone else) - please bear in mind that Sharky does in fact have a full-time job and is therefore not always able to respond immediately. As you have seen, he always manages to make all the amendments when he is able to, and he often burns the midnight oil in ensuring this site is superb.

So please be patient.
I am extremely sorry, I didn't know...but just for the books I look at other posts before I done this last comments to check the response time, and because it was not so long, and because my request have been done two hours ago, I thought maybe he had forgot it...that's all !!!
thx once again...
Don't worry techcherry,

Good to have someone keeping me on my toes ;) And thanks skim for the support!

It looks like none of the trades went through again this morning. I have an idea what the problem might be, but I really need to look into it more over the weekend. Now that the competition has become so popular, its really important it works like clockwork, otherwise it can take up a lot of time fixing things.

So starting from next Monday things should run a lot smoother, including stops and limits. In the meantime, I'll let the trades be triggered tomorrow morning instead. Most were buys and probably unaffected by the FTSE closing just 9 points up.

With regards to the Barc limit triggered, I can't now reinstate this as you've used the proceeds to pay for other shares. So I'm going to have to leave as is for now. By the looks of it you still made a msall profit.

As for the Lloyds trade, unfortunately competition rules state that trades made by accident still count - it would be unfair otherwise. Unless of course there was a problem that caused the trade to go through - for example, a duplicate trade. Let me know what happened. But looking at the trade you're only down 3 points so it doesn't seem to much of a big deal.