Mind Power

Hi Bal,

I enjoyed the relaxation part of the session :)

I do find hypnosis type things very seductive. But $130 is too expensive for me $50 and I'd think about it :)
:) hmmm...$130...it is bit too much...i know how you can do it for
£1.00...easy.....get a blank tape and record your own statements...hee hee ......ho ho :p
... and remember to play some nice soothing music in the background while you're doing the recording. Waves crashing, whales yodelling, etc, I'm sure you know what I mean. :)
Be careful peeps.

If you are going to record your own version, don't use any negative words (Don't, can't, etc, as your mind doesn't understand negatives) and record the womens voice for the start and end bits, as that's the bit opens up your subconscious and it has the "Safety" feature in it. :)
That was very relaxing. One piece of advice though, don't start it when you have an open position. When I opened my eyes again I was $5,000 down, mind you I took it very calmly.

I got a headache looking at the swirling pattern !!

$130 dollars - cheaper to take a deep breath and an asiprin !!