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I still remember from my Engineering days: "If it ain't broke don't fix it".

The number of times I've seen even in large organisations computers not working properly on a Monday Morning is horrendous and it happens because people have loaded brand spanking new updates over the weekend and they haven't worked or been tested properly with the conseqent chaos on the Monday.

I'm convinced that we'd be a lot better off without the so called "computer gurus" who have no idea how ordinary users like us work.

While some geeky guy is playing around with the Internet connections and rabbiting on about servers / or whatever I've probably missed half a dozen profitable trades. :D

So long as you have a decent firewall -- just update your computers when YOU feel you need to - not just because a new release appears on the scene.

Wait a few weeks and backup first.

Thank goodness the general IT business is in terminal decline -- we might actually get to USE our computers profitably now instead of other people playing with them.

I'm grateful for the computer know how diseminated on this board -- it's the so called semi literate pony-tailed 17 year old "professional" IT geeks who usually infest the lower floors of large organisations that I have trouble with.
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Agreed, but too many people ignore critical updates, some of which are chasing the latest viruses.
Just a reminder to everybody to stay up to date on security.


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I agree with 1Kyle. A good firewall ( hardware router) +AV software and you're pretty well sorted. Oh, and don't let the kids use your trading machine to access the WWW and download all that Kazza stuff.....It WILL end in tears.
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