Metastock- How to get tabular data of indicators

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Oct 9, 2017
I am new to MS. Using version 11 offline mode.
My issue is at end of day i get only (high, low, open,close,volume) data of all 100+ securities/scrips/equities from some sites.
I want to auto populated data in excel including ( high,low,open,close,volume,bollinger bottom, SME5, RSI) that too against each securities.
I am tired !!! of doing things manually on excel so i need some help from MS program to auto populate last day working ALONG with Indicator values, and how this can be done, how to extract these values from metastock program. That too with simple few clicks.
I dont want to open each 100+ securities graphs and simple copy paste everything into tabular forum.

I will'b highly highly grateful to support on this.